Re: Improved do_consider with a simple combat simulator

From: Erik Einebaerholm (
Date: 07/20/00

Jason Beeland wrote:
> The only hole I see in this concept is that it would
> really only work for melee based classes like warriors
> etc.  Although, the normal consider command has the same
> hole.  But hey, if you are gonna rewrite it it's always
> good to make it as good as possible. :-) Since the
> majority of mage combat is spell based perhaps you should
> work in some skill/spell choices to add to the damage
> delt?  Could prolly do it with some checks on the skill
> table vs the character's class and level to come up with
> their highest level MAG_DAMAGE spell.  Skills would be a
> bit tougher though.

As I've just changed the consider command at our mud, I've probably made
something similar to what Russ Brown made, though I haven't seen the code

Things not accounted for is skills and spells.
How to overcome this problem is abit though, because
you might have spells and skills, but how you use them
is subjective (if you use them at all)..

So there is maybe a way.. to calculate this, but it's something that should
be calculated in advance so consider doesn't go totally slow. Maybe some
sort of stat saying Magic Power and/or Skill Power, still it wouldn't help
if you i.e. don't have mana enough, or skills like bash that only does 1
damage, but adds some rounds where victim can't hit..

And what would you do if you meet a mob that throws spells with i.e. dg_cast
or whatever. Not exactly easy to calculate those. I still haven't found a
good way to calculate things like that, still thinking though.


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