Re: Improved do_consider with a simple combat simulator

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/20/00

> >The only hole I see in this concept is that it would really only work for
> melee based classes like warriors etc.  Although, the normal consider
> command has the same hole.  But hey, if you are gonna rewrite it it's always
> good to make it as good as possible. :-) Since the majority of mage combat
> is spell based perhaps you should work in some skill/spell choices to add to
> the damage delt?  Could prolly do it with some checks on the skill table vs
> the character's class and level to come up with their highest level
> MAG_DAMAGE spell.  Skills would be a bit tougher though.

        There's of course, no way to have a command which would deliver
100% certainty as to the outcome of a fight.

        What you _could_ do though, is use a vs. point based system.

        Basically, give the player points.  Say, 50 points a level. 5
points per average point of damage for your wielded weapon.  Multiply that
last by the number of attacks in a round.  Howabout 2-3 points per
hitpoint + mana (only if spell using class).  Maybe 300 points for the
'kick' skill.  Howabout 400 for fireball? Don't forget AC and thac0.

        In the end, you have two numbers, and the distance apart shows how
likely one is able to beat the other.  Think dragonballZ, if you've seen

        You arrive at the random seeming numbers by the time honored
tradition of sampling.  Take 100 fights between characters with all other
things equal except for the stat that you're testing.  If the character
with that stat wins 80% of the time, and looses 20%, instead of the
standard 50/50 split, then you have your % difference.  If previously,
both combatants had scores of say, 12,000, now the 'better' character will
have 15600 (12,000 * 130%).

        Of course, you'll have to modify and potentially reweigh these
values each time you add a new skill/spell/other combat-affecting
modification.  This also doesn't take into account intelligent usage of
the skills, or the converse, stupid usage.  So, if I use 'stun' and then
use a skill which causes more damage based on position (like backstab),
then that is a potential missed area.  Same goes if I cast poison and
blind on myself.

        In the end, I cop-out.  Aside from weapon, armor, and other
physical clues, you have no idea (and probably shouldn't from a player's
standpoint) how you'll do in a fight.

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