Improved do_consider with a simple combat simulator

From: Russ Brown (
Date: 07/18/00

Hello Everyone,

Today I wrote an improved do_consider command that performs a quick
combat simulation based on the hp, thaco, ac, and average damage
of each charater to calculate how long it would take for each character to
the other, expressed as a number of combat rounds. The two times are then
compared to determine the probable victor of combat.

I was going to upload the snippet, but it exceeds the maximum message
length for the list, so I have uploaded it to the ftp site at
The file name is improved_do_consider.txt and I uploaded it into the
incoming  directory.

It funny that after doing all this I found a message on the archive site
from Jan 1999 where George Greer posted a version of do_consider
that does essentially the same thing (there are of course some differences).

Here is a link to George's Version:

One sleight advatage I see to my version is that since all of the combat
simulation calculations are performed in a separate function called
sim_combat, it can be called from other places in the code. You could
easily make a command to compare any two chars strengths since it
just takes two char pointers as arguments.  I guess that could be useful
for placing bets on player vs player combat on a pk mud.

Anyway if you want to replace the do_consider on your mud with something
that does more than compare levels check out either version of the code.

Russ Brown

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