From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 07/21/00

Patrick Vale wrote:
> In our mud color codes have been changed to &g &s ..etc. The problem arises that
> mobs with short descripts beginning with color codes are no longer automatically
> capitalized or such when they walk out of rooms hit things etc.

To get you on the right track...

The Mobs are capitalized simply by capitalizing the first letter of
thier short desc.  In this case that letter is an & (which has no
capital/lowercase equivelents so the CAP and UPPER macros will simply do
nothing with it and leave it as-is).  The simple solution is to test the
first character (with an if statement) and if it's an & capitalize the
third character instead (if you want to account for more than one code
in a row then you should use a while loop and a pointer and step through
every odd character until you reach one that isn't an &).

Well, that's all you get from me right now, see what you can do with it
and if you need anything more specific let me know.  ;)

Regards, Peter

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