From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/21/00

> >  In our mud color codes have been changed to &g &s ..etc. The problem
> > arises that  mobs with short descripts beginning with color codes are
> > no longer automatically capitalized or such when they walk out of
> > rooms hit things etc.

> The Mobs are capitalized simply by capitalizing the first letter of
> thier short desc.  In this case that letter is an & (which has no
> capital/lowercase equivelents so the CAP and UPPER macros will simply do
> nothing with it and leave it as-is).  The simple solution is to test the
> first character (with an if statement) and if it's an & capitalize the
> third character instead (if you want to account for more than one code
> in a row then you should use a while loop and a pointer and step through
> every odd character until you reach one that isn't an &).

        You'll find this problem no matter what coloring system you have,
and it extends to things like helpfiles as well.  It _is_ a minor hack
though to get around it.  I bring up helpfiles because using hedit, if you
want the name to be colored, you have to include it in the
keywords...which is bad. Help fireball - no help found. Help &rfireball
gives you the help file....


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