Re: [Newbie] Time out problem...

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 07/22/00

Galed Friedmann wrote:
> Usualy that happends because the player (or the mud) is lagged, and they only get
> connected and dont get the login screen, so they wait, and the game thinks that
> they are idling and closes their connection .. happends to me sometimes.

Could also be dropped packets, if they are using a client that has an
autologon feature (such as zMUD), then the client will wait forever for
the host to send the login prompt, if that prompt does not make it to
the client's machine then the client will wait indefinately and will
eventually be dropped by the host for idling no matter how long the host
is set to wait.  if this is the problem then you might want to yell at
your ISP (or something), if it happens to a lot of players then the
problem is likely with the host's ISP, if it happens only to one or two
players, then it is likely a problem with the ISP of those players.

Regards, Peter

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