[Newbie] Time out problem...

From: Ernesto S. Domato (domato@iwcc.com)
Date: 07/21/00

Hi, I have the problem that some users can't connect the MUD server because
they allways got a "Time out... goodbye." message before they can do

Did someone had this problem and know how to fix it?, I mean, did someone
knows how to increase the time of the idle_tics variable so the server
waits a little more before time put the connection?

I try to change the variable idle_tics in struct.h from byte to int, but it
produce that the MUD hang for a long period while other user is trying to
enter the game.

Another approach that I try is to change the setting on comm.c from:
newd->idle_tics = 0;
newd->idle_tics = -768;
for example because the time out function says:
if (!d->idle_tics) {
} else {
  SEND_TO_Q("\r\nTime out... goodbye.\r\n", d);
but the change of the variable makes that the server sometimes time out the
connection before it's expected and sometimes don't and work fine =(

Thanks for all and excuse my english but it's not my mother language.

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