Re: [Newbie] Time out problem...

From: Ernesto S. Domato (
Date: 07/22/00

> > Humm.  It takes 15 seconds for the idle timer to go off, unless you've
> > changed something.  I can't imagine your players are not getting a visual
> > cue that they're logged in and are unable to send any data for 15
> > seconds...
> .....
> And, yes, I know, it's easy to explain how people can get idled off
> without a visual cue by saying, "lag," but that doesn't make it any easier
> to imagine.  The game should be fairly unplayable with more than 30
> seconds between entering a command and seeing the result.

Yes, that's true, it could be unplayable having to wait so long to respond.
But the true is that I'm creating a MUD server in Spanish for the Latin
community and some of the players sometimes had a bad lag to connect to the
server =(

Thanks for all the help and greettings.

Ernesto S. Domato
Programming Engineer

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