Re: [Newbie] Time out problem...

From: Ernesto S. Domato (
Date: 07/22/00

Yes, that's right. I mean, the problem that I had with the connections is
because of the lag, the client connect to the server but they time out
before they can login into the MUD.

The solution of count for more idle_tics on the check_idle_passwords
function works fine, and I also find the function hearbeat, in the same
file (comm.c), that calls to the check_idle_passwords every 15 seconds
where I could increase the time to call the check_idle_passwords. Anyway
the server that I'm working on is for testing right now so I don't know how
it would work with several users playing and trying to enter the game.

The problem that I had before when I try to fix the time out issue was that
when a user try to enter the game and have a lag problem, the server hang
to response to the players inside the game for a little long period of
time. I hope that this don't happen again with this new fix, but I let you
know if it does.

Thanks for all and excuse my English again =(


Mysidia wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Jul 2000, Peter Ajamian wrote:
>    No this can't be exactly it.. packets can be lost on their way, but
> lost packets over a socket stream are resent, before further packets can
> go through, always [packets are accepted in sequential order on both
> sides and sequential order only, otherwise the connection is forfeit].
>    Ofcourse... high ping times and high packet losses aren't good, but
> one typically doesn't attribute this to 'dropped packets', it's typically
> just called 'lag'. It may be the user/server's ISP's fault or it may be a
> backbone acting up -- which they've been known to do from time to time
> [*BONKS Alternet* just to make sure their systems aren't starting to get
> any ideas about how to be annoying again].
>    IMO if you increase the wait time from 15 seconds to around 60 seconds
> [the default timeout for many telnet login prompts], or perhaps try 30
> seconds first; you'll have far less problems with this
>        -Mysid
> >
> > Could also be dropped packets, if they are using a client that has an
> > autologon feature (such as zMUD), then the client will wait forever for
> > the host to send the login prompt, if that prompt does not make it to
> > the client's machine then the client will wait indefinately and will
> > eventually be dropped by the host for idling no matter how long the host
> > is set to wait.  if this is the problem then you might want to yell at
> > your ISP (or something), if it happens to a lot of players then the
> > problem is likely with the host's ISP, if it happens only to one or two
> > players, then it is likely a problem with the ISP of those players.
> >
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