Re: [LONG] Offending strcpy, segementation fault, saving object short description

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/22/00

>    char *short_description;  /*  *--> Notice, I added this. <--*  */

        So, let's think about this.. you're storing a space equal to the
size of a pointer? That doesn't seem right.  If you're using the standard
binary player files, shouldn't you store... you know... like at leeast a
few characters?  Say, 20-30 at a bare minimum?  Probably more if you've
got people who use color codes like that's the reason people play.  I'd
say a round power of two greater than 64 (ie, 128,256, etc).

        Look at how titles are setup on players, and limited to a given

        Otherwise, you can look at the xapobjs patch and see how you can
store/change everything by using it to convert to ascii objects.  You may
wish to futz with it a bit though (and read up about it).

        I am so glad to see someone asking for help though, that actually
has a good grasp on code.  I'm sure in another 20 seconds you would have
figured it out without help.

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