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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 07/23/00

On Sun, 23 Jul 2000, James wrote:

>    Alright, really quick question ... I've been looking around the
> code trying to find where a character's idnum is loaded into their
> char_special_data structure

It's loaded into char_special_saved_data, not char_special_data.  For the
char_file_u structure this is stored in char_specials_saved.  In the
char_data structure it's char_specials.saved.  In store_to_char() you'll

  ch->char_specials.saved = st->char_specials_saved;

and in char_to_store() you'll see:

  st->char_specials_saved = ch->char_specials.saved;

This took less than 2 minutes.  I first went to structs.h to see where it
was stored at in the player structure.  This is accomplished with a simple
search for 'idnum'.  Finding that it was char_special_saved_data, I then
did a search on that, and found it in char_special_data as 'saved' and
char_file_u as char_specials_saved.  Knowing just the last was enough.  I
grepped db.c for char_specials_saved and it turned up the line number.
Not complicated at all.  And I bet a whole lot quicker than asking here
and waiting for an answer.

N.B.: Use meaningful, descriptive subjects.  Also, use the NEWBIE: tag
rather than CODE: -- this question isn't really to do with any specific
code and is very much a newbie question.

-dak : Not being rude, just concise.

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