[Circle][CODE] Race Class Problem Im Having

From: Shay (shay@unique-software.com)
Date: 07/23/00

void display_classes(struct descriptor_data *d) {
   int x;

   send_to_char("Class selection menu - please choose a
class\r\n--------------------\r\n", d->character);
   for (x = 0; x < NUM_CLASSES; x++)
         if (class_ok_race[(int)GET_RACES(ch)][x])
       send_to_char(class_display[x], d->character);
   send_to_char("\nClass: ", d->character);

This is the code i got from the ftp site, atleast part of it, for doing
The problem is the GET_RACES(ch), where ch is unidentified.  Ive tried to sort
this out with d->character, but thats not quite right.

If someone knows a fix for this, that would be great, but im also trying to
out how to get some variables to display to the screen besides char's.  Id like
to just see what GET_RACES(d->character) returns, but im more familiar with
C++, not C.


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