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From: Jeremy Maloney (vagabond@newhaven.orisis.net)
Date: 07/23/00

Hey all..
I'm looking for a coding team to help get this mud project
off the ground, if your interested in it, give us a holler
at the email listed below and we'll get back with you asap.

Coders, we have positions for a Head Coder, and two regular coders,
all that we ask of you, is that you code what we ask you to, nothing
more and nothing less.. We do not want someone who decides while he/she's
attempting to code for us, that fidos should have a third leg and fireball
for an aggro spell. Basic requirements ar ethat you have CircleMud coding
experience, and that you are knowledgeable of olc to some degree.
Patching and making patches is a required skill, as we intend to donate
a good portion of our code to the Circlemud community.


Builders, we need those as well..
Prerequisites: Be able to spell, know Dg scripting and OLC
and be able to listen and abide by instructions. Simple eh?
Don't think I don't run across those of exactly the opposite,
I'm sure we all do... =P

The Vagabond Admin
newhaven.orisis.net 4202

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