[CODE][NEWBIE] Other language support...

From: Ernesto S. Domato (domato@iwcc.com)
Date: 07/24/00

Well, I'm in the process of translate the entire CircleMUD 3.0pl7 to
spanish (with some help of my friends ;-)
and I like to know if some knows how to use other character set to support
spanish characters.

Could be interesting to hack all the code so it can support multiple
languages at the same time, I know that this is a big (I guess) change in
all the code, but I think that is interesting anyway. In this issue, I have
this ideas:
1) In the player file, store one more field with the code of the language
in which they want to see the game (help files, descriptions if are
available in different languages, etc..)
2) In the WHO list, display the language that the player choose.
3) One separate file that contain an array (or several arrays) with the
translation of the game (commands, displayed result messages, etc..) that
the game choose from depending on the language the player select.

Thanks for all and Greettings.

Ernesto S. Domato

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