Re: bitfields/OLC2.0/bpl17 help please

From: Chris Joyce (cjoyce@PROMARKUSA.COM)
Date: 07/24/00

I'm having major problems with bitfields and OLC 2.0.  I'll be quite honest
in my lack of knowledge in the bitfields area, but for the amount of
affects/rests etc., they seemed to me to be the best method.  At the moment
i'm coding on a Win 98 machine but mud is running on a redhat linux machine
( not sure if that will cause any problems, but same problem has happened
both places).

Here's my problem:

I took the bitfields source for bpl17 and attempted to search through the
code since it's just the src directory dumped into a zip file and change
the necessary things in my code.  For the most part, I got it working. I'm
having problems with OLC.  My main problem is that if I try to set anything
to GET_OBJ_EXTRA(OLC_OBJ(d)) that is greater than a certain number, it will
not actually set the bit when it saves to the disk.  If i reboot, the flag
that was set in olc does not actually set.  Doesn't save to disk.  That's
problem 1.  The GET_OBJ_WEAR fields do not set at all.  I have put in
logging messages in oedit.c and in genobj.c to see what the value is after
it's set and when it writes to disk and in oedit.c, GET_OBJ_WEAR is 1 (if
take is set) and in genobj.c is 0.  Now htat is completely boggling me.  Do
i have to convert the number to a assci string like the room flags, or
should it still work with outputting of a number.

Basically, any help will be much appreciated.  I'm very confused and very
fustrated at the moment.

Chris - thanks for any help i receive.  It's greatly appreciated.

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