From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 07/25/00

When I was coding my CircleMUD I added somethings I thought I might see if
other people liked.  If I get response I will upload whatever pieces of
code people ask for to the FTP site.  If not then I'll probably just trash

1) Noble/PK System
   A PK system that allowed people to opt in and out of PK battles and gave
rank based on the person you killed or died to.. (The names of the ranks
are based on the old English heirarchy)
2) Kingdoms
   Ever wanted to "tax" your players?  Well this was only part of what this
code did :)  Though not finished I think most people could look at this
code and figure out how to add or take out parts quite easily.
3) Ghosts
   This code made it so when a player died he became a ghost (though I used
another race [for multiple reasons]) you could easily change this code to
use and AFF_FLAG or something else 8-P )  As a ghost a player could not eat
or drink, could not recieve or deal damage (accept through certian spells
only usable by one class in my MUD), but could walk through doors and other
stuff like that :)

I know there was more but this is all I could come up with right now (I was
browseing through my 50+ pages of code/ideas I had and wanted to see if
anyone was interested)


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