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From: bruce (
Date: 07/26/00

Steven Newsom wrote:
> Is there a way to aloow multi-character character constants in bpl14????
> (ex.  At race menu type DE would give you dark Elf  race- [D]ark [E]lf)
> Ive tried to do it but it will only recognize the first letter type, so
> instead of giving Dark Elf it will just give it Dwarf([D]warf).

i don't know how your races are set up, but it's just a matter of
altering the function that parses the input.

assuming you've defined races as:
#define RACE_HUMAN      0
#define RACE_DWARF      1
#define RACE_DARKELF    2
#define NUM_RACES       3

i'd do it something like this: (mailer code)

const char *race_codes[] = {
  "h",  //human
  "d",  //dwarf
  "de", //dark elf

int parse_race(char *arg) {
  int i;
  for (i = 0;i < NUM_RACES;i++) if (!strcasecmp(race_codes[i], arg))
return i;
  return RACE_HUMAN;
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