Re: [Colourcode2.txt] [Errors:]

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/26/00

> Hi everyone, I installed the snippet from the site entitled as above,
> and now I'm getting some errors that I can't quite place, I've checked
> out the code a few times already and nothing looks out of place, what I
> would like to know, is how to inhibit mobs to use colors, to fix this bug,
> or what I need to do get this error fixed.
> I'm using a Circlemud3.0bpl17 source.
> Here's the error.
> Jul 24 17:50:56 :: SYSERR: Mob using
> '((((ch)))->player_specials->saved.pref)' at fight.c:609.
> Jul 24 17:50:51 :: SYSERR: Mob using
> '((((vict)))->player_specials->saved.pref)$
        Maybe someone can confirm this error for me; I find it comes from
some sort of player afk statment in the few muds I've seen it on.

        In anycase though, this is easily fixed, on the statment that
checks for the saved.pref, just prepend a "!IS_NPC(ch) &&" to it. That is;

        if(!IS_NPC(ch) && PLR_FLAGGED(ch,PLR_AFK))


        If you could post the exact line that is causing this though, I
think that would be a great help.


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