Re: [NEWBIE]Can you please help with errors?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/28/00

> I really tried to fix these problems by myself but I really dont know why
> they are occuring. I beg of someone to please help me. I am patching my MUD
> to use DG Events. I am running CircleMUD bpl17 lightly modified. I really
> need help on fixing these cause I dont want to use the whole DG system...but
> I will if I have to.
> These are the errors that I get when I try to compile event.c and I dont
> understand the source of the errors:

        >errors snipped<

        I don't think you've actually provided enough information for us
to help.  That having been said, you really need to learn how to code.

        Of course, it is a very good indication that you have the mindset
for it - after all, you tried to patch it yourself.  Don't give up quite
so easily though, most compilation time errors turn out to be simple

        My personal _guess_ is that the time_t structure may not be
declared correctly in structs.h :

> c:\circlemudsource\circle30bpl17\src\structs.h(765) : error C2061:
> syntax error : identifier 'time_t'


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