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Date: 07/28/00


>Public Law 98-473, Chapter XXI, Paragraph 1030 states that,           *
>*        "Whoever knowningly accesses a computer without authorization,        *
>*        or having knowingly accessed a computer with authorization,           *
>*        ...obtains..., uses, modifies, destroys, or discloses..., or          *
>*        prevents authorized use of (data or a computer owned by or            *
>*        operated for) the Government of the United States...shall be          *
>*        punished (by) ...a fine... or ...imprisonment."                       *
>*        The punishments range up to $100,000 and 10 years, depending          *
>*        upon the nature and extent of the violation.                          *

- From personal first hand knowledge I can tell you the following about the

I had someone break into my servers from the console and lock me and my
company out our our own equipment.

When the FBI and authorities were called, we were told the following..

"Unless damage has been done to which you can affix a price tag to and
uless the crime was done from a remote location through a wire line we
can't do anything".

The point, that unless you have physically lost money because of the loss
of code, don't expect much action.  Since he did access your system throgh
the internet without your consent you can nail him for more like data
traspassing etc.

But I wouldn't expect much from the authorities here.  My company wrote
encryption software that was for "non-export" and hosted information for some
large companies in town and while the company that physically broke into my
systems did business over seas, the feds did nothing.

Good luck, it took us a year to get the problem resolved and everyone got
off scott free.

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