Re: [NEWBIE]Can you please help with errors?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/29/00

> I fixed the errors now to down to 1:
> c:\circlemudsource\circle30bpl17\src\sysdep.h(616) : fatal error C1004:
> unexpected end of file found
> its of course a blank line at the end of sysdep.h but hmmm? why?

        Ah! Knew you could!

        Usually that error comes from something like;

---in file---
void function(int a) {
 int a;

 return a;

--- end of file ---

        That is, you didn't terminate the function with a }, so the
compiler gets upset when you end the file.  It will also happen with
things like forgetting to close a "", or () pairing.  Usually the errors
are a bit different, but all these problems lead me to one other possible
solution (now that i've seen the errors centering in sysdep.h

        You applied a patch to your code, probably automatically, and it
was probably from a unix system.  It probably changed your conf.h and
sysdep.h files.  What you'll want to do is follow the setup instructions
for windows to regenerate your conf.h (& maybe sysdep.h) files.  If you
ran the configure program and haven't been keeping up by making changes to
your, you'll want to save your current copy of Makefile before
you re-run it, else it will be written over :)


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