Re: dg scripts and bpl17

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 07/29/00

Jason Beeland wrote:
> Well, I checked the dg scripts site, and the highest
> bpl i found WITHOUT olc already in it (I already
> patched oasis 2.0a in.) is bpl5...  Does anyone have
> bpl7 without olc?

Well, another way to do it is to get fresh copies of circlemud, oasis
olc, and dg scripts in various different versions, and patch to put
together an appropriate version and then get upgrade patches to bring it
up the latest version, then diff with another source patched up with
everything except what you want in your patch.  you'll get a lot of
rejects along the way, and probably more than a few bugs (but anyway
that you decide to do it will give you rejects and bugs).  If you end up
with a working patch post it back to the FTP site so others can use it.

Regards, Peter.

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