Re: Viability of a Graphical CircleMUD

From: Jeremy Maloney (
Date: 07/30/00

Well,  to be honest Tony, I've often asked myself those questions,
I've seriously considered attempting to encorporate atleast
partial graphics into my mud project, going to a partial
graphical base. What I mean when I refer to partial graphical base,
is that I'd like to encorporate a battle type graphical interface,
and slowly work from there.

If anyone here remembers the old bbs doors, there was one called
The pit 2.0 and one called Arena, they used an ascii/ansi based
graphical layout for battle interface, it was really quite good
for back then and allowed the use of spells from a distance
as well as missile weapons. I think it would excellent to
add something like that to the project.

You know, it could be feasible to begin design on a Mud source
using the ideas behind the very first Ultima 1 game software, surely,
with all the great minds, and professional (hidden), game programmers,
out lurking behind the scenes, a large scale design team could feasibly
be formed to bring Mudders and Muds into the new millenium and up to
a higher level of entertainment and technology.

Anyhow, here's to dreaming. =P *cheers*


The Vagabond Admin
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