Re: [Circle][DG Scripts] medit save not saving.

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Date: 08/01/00

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From: shay <>
Subject: [CIRCLE] [Circle][DG Scripts] medit save not saving.

>        Im confused, again.  when you do a medit, im not seeing in code
where it
>actually saves to disk.
>Im wondering if i missed someting.  The problem is just that when i add a
>trigger to a mob character, then
>quit, and say 'Yes' to save, it finishes and were done.  And now if i
>reboot, shutdown, whatever, and come
>back up, the trigger is gone.
>        Also, with medit, where is the trigger stored? is that added to the
>file itself? or a trigger file
>        Any help would be great, the dg scripts are a pain when you
allready had
>Oasis installed..
>        Thanks,
>        Shay aka Gothic

Hello Shay,

Look for the following function in medit.c:
void medit_save_to_disk(zone_vnum foo)

That's where it saves to disk, it calls a function in genmob.c,
save_mobiles, look in that function and see if it saves the triggers
properly there, look in write_mobile_espec for this line:

script_save_to_disk(fd, mob, MOB_TRIGGER);

if that is not there, you know why your triggers are not working, compare
this to the DG Scripts patch file and you'll know how to get it in there...

Kind regards,
Torgny Bjers

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