Re: [Circle][DG Scripts] medit save not saving.

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 08/01/00

On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Joseph Todaro wrote:

[medit saving code location question snipped]
> oh...hey!... did you ever get that trigger to work?.. also the thing to save
> should be in improved-edit(.c, .h)

The improved_edit.[ch] files are for the text editor, _not_ OLC saving.
If you want to find out where mobs are saved (I'm going to assume you're
using Oasis 2.0), you want to check out genmob.c.  Saving, loading,
copying, preparing, etc. type routines were made "generic" and moved into
gen___.c files, where ___ is obj, mob, zon, shp, etc.

The point was to make it so that you could have different OLC front-ends
that run off the same back-end (for example, my usage of this to make an
Obuild-like OLC I lovingly call KupOLC--after my MUD alias) code.

Anyway, the whole point was to point out that you need to look in
genmob.c.  That's all.  :)


P.S., Mark, if you read this, 'fall off the face of the earth' means
'haven't talked to me' in my language.  Hi, though.  :P

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