Re: GET_ZON_LOC(ch), etc. ?

From: Del (
Date: 08/02/00

Joseph Todaro wrote:
> hello CircleMUD mailing list... i am bored right now and thought of a
> command(i dont know if it has been implemented *EVER*) which shows a map and
> the location of where someone is(like the zone and/or part in the zone) and
> i know how to make it but i need to know if there is a GET_ZON_LOC(ch) etc.
> to tell me which VNUM the char is in.. or if its named GET_ROOM_VNUM(ch) or
> GET_ZON_VNUM(ch) if you dont know what im talking about email me back and
> ask me what you dont understand.. and if you do email me and the list!(^_^)

From glancing at utils.c where all the funky stuff is..

GET_ROOM_VNUM(IN_ROOM(vict)) will get the vnum of the room the victim is

and if you have oasis installed

zone_rnum real_zone_by_thing(room_vnum vznum)

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