Re: [DG Script] Trigger is making ME say "You say.."

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 08/02/00

Shay wrote:
> well, im still having this problem, but i got all the rest of the dg stuff
> to work.
> My problem is the sample trigger #2,
> #2
> mob greet test~
> 0 g 100
> ~
> if %direction%   say Hello,, how are things to the
> %direction%? else * if the character popped in (word of recall, etc) this
> will be hit   say Where did YOU come from, end ~
> This trigger forces ME to say the line, and not the character, a cityguard
> in my case, to say the line.  Anyone know where this is actually set off
> in the code? im probably just missing some code chunk somewhere, but im
> just not sure where that might be.

Hrmmm, looks like command_interpreter is being called with the actor
instead of the mob being passed as the character, this can happen from a
number of different places (note I'm referring to my own source which is
a significantly older and hacked-up version of DG Scripts, so YMMV)...

command_interpreter is called from script_driver in dg_scripts.c, the
line that calls it should look something like this...

          command_interpreter((char_data *) go, cmd);

In the case of a greet mob trigger, script_driver is called from
greet_mtrigger in dg_triggers.c, look through this function very
carefully, the most significant lines are as follows...

  trig_data *t;
    for (t = TRIGGERS(SCRIPT(ch)); t; t = t->next) {
        intermediate =  script_driver(ch, t, MOB_TRIGGER, TRIG_NEW);

Look through the greet_mtrigger function very carefully (you may even
want to run the MUD in gdb and set a breakpoint for this function and
step through it while monitoring ceartain key variables)

regards, Peter

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