[DG Script] Trigger is making ME say "You say.."

From: Shay (shay@unique-software.com)
Date: 08/02/00

well, im still having this problem, but i got all the rest of the dg stuff
to work.

My problem is the sample trigger #2,

mob greet test~
0 g 100
if %direction%   say Hello, %actor.name%, how are things to the
%direction%? else * if the character popped in (word of recall, etc) this
will be hit   say Where did YOU come from, %actor.name%? end ~

This trigger forces ME to say the line, and not the character, a cityguard
in my case, to say the line.  Anyone know where this is actually set off
in the code? im probably just missing some code chunk somewhere, but im
just not sure where that might be.

I tell ya, putting DG on after Oasis2.0 is not fun.. nope, just not fun.
....   ok, its fun.. ;)

Shay aka Gothic

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