Re: [NEWBIE] wzoneecho & prompt question

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 08/08/00

Danny Owen wrote:
> Ok first up.. can anyone show me an example of a
> working script using "wzoneecho"??

I'm not aware of a wzoneecho command for DG Scripts.

> Now for the prompt question. is there a way I can get
> a linefeed after the prompt without adding the \r\n??

Well, \r\n IS a linefeed, so what else would you want?
> I'm looking for a prompt that doesn't do this:
> <500h/500H 500m/500M 500v/500V> [ 1220] A Hall Way

Oh, you do that in your client, you turn on the option for local echo so
that it would end up looking like this...

<500h/500H 500m/500M 500v/500V> look
[ 1220] A Hall Way

The linefeed actually comes from the linefeed echoed from the client.

> I also have the battle prompt on the MUD which is the
> reason I can't use the \r\n that everyone will more
> than likely suggest as it just attaches itself to the
> end of the existing prompt like such:
> <500h/500H 500m/500M 500v/500V>  < TC: Fred :
> excellent EC: Barney :  few scratches >

Okay, so where in this mess do you want the linefeed?  if you want the
linefeed at the end then just add the \r\n after the point in
make_prompt where the battle prompt is added in, otherwise put the \r\n
whereever you want it.

Regards, Peter

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