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From: Dana Luther (
Date: 08/08/00

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From: Danny Owen <>
>Ok first up.. can anyone show me an example of a
>working script using "wzoneecho"?? the effect I can
>get out of it is that it echo's the entire zone 0
>which well is sorta useless to me.. so if you can show
>me how to make it work in any zone I choose it would
>be most helpfull.

The trick to wzoneecho is - you don't specify the zone number, you specify a
room in the zone. Since you say that everything is going to zone 0, I assume
you're trying to specify the zone number - which it's interpreting as a room
withing zone 0.

so, if you want to wzoneecho to zone 12, you need to do:
wzoneecho 1200 Someone shouts, "Egads! Alert the guards!"

Not sure why it was set up that way, but that's how it works :)


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