Re: [CODE?] Syserr when booting objects..

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 08/09/00

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From: Peter Ajamian <>
Date: onsdag, 9 augusti 2000 03:46
Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] [CODE?] Syserr when booting objects..

>Torgny Bjers wrote:
>> You mean that I have to manually change the world files every time
>> creates a friggin scroll?
>No, of course not, just have the builders make the change in oedit when
>they make the object.
>Regards, Peter

Uhm, anyway, I fixed the range checks in oedit.c, that's where the error
was, it didn't allow values below zero, and now it works just fine with
the -1 setting...  Thanks for your help, Peter.  I know I can get frustrated
and annoyed sometimes, I hope you bear with me. :)

Kind regards,
/Torgny Bjers

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