Re: What the lastest version?

From: Circle Mud (
Date: 08/09/00

>> > Is this a troll or what??
>> What's wrong? What does mean "troll"? I'm not very good in english...
>> >>
>> >> What is the lastest version of CircleMUD?
>> >>

> Troll is usually someone who asks those questions that get people
> started
> on arguments or just to get them to reply to dumb questions. (or
> similar)

> Check the circlemud ftp site for latest version!!!

> After that I suggest reading the FAQ's (mostly the one at the
> bottom of this message)!

I haven't ON-LINE Internet, only EMail...
I know _where_ I can find last version, but I can't do it...
So I'm not a full dumb ;)

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