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From: Shay (
Date: 08/10/00

On the thought of Databases, am I missing something? I admit Im new to
the Circle world.  What would be wrong with a database for storing info?
Isnt everything loaded when a person logs on for the user info, and all
the objects/mobs/etc are loaded at startup?  And only when you manually
do a save do they change.  How would this be bad if using a Database?

I dont see any lockups do to volume if you set it up right.  Ive set up tons
of web based db's with multi-access at once and never had a problem.

Running in this thought, does anyone have some db accessing code for C?
All ive used is VB, perl, cgi, and ASP.  If you do, feel free to email it
to me..:)

Shay aka Gothic
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