Re: [CODE] Just a thought

From: Peter Howkins (
Date: 08/10/00

> Oh, using XML would make us look cooler :-)
The term is 'buzzword compliant' ;)

Using xml is probably a bit overkill though :)

When I redid the pfile on a scratch built talker I wrote, I used a
simple format like,

variable = value\n
variable = value\n

that was parsed into a linked list of lines, then 'set' and 'get'
functions worked on them,
and then a close function wrote the list out. An advantage from my
point of view,
is that data was not destroyed if it was not used in this pfile load.
(I have a plugin system,
where not all of the data from the plugins may be being used at this
run time, though the next
time the plugin may be turned back on again). It may be a little more
processor intensive than
some systems, though probably less than a full blown xml parser.

If anyone is desperate for the src, I'd be happy to give it out.


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