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Date: 08/11/00

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Shay wrote:

> do a save do they change.  How would this be bad if using a Database?
If I understand you correctly :) Players are only saved when they manually
type save yes? The worldfiles aren't changed unless you have some sort of
OLC. (Offline editing doesn't count :).

IMHO, Players change all the time when they do something. If a player
decides to venture north, his/her state is changed. A player in battle,
Mana/hitpoints changes, again state is changed.  Saving whenever state is
changed might be a bit overkill, but it would definately be nice.

> I dont see any lockups do to volume if you set it up right.  Ive set up tons
Yup, As long as you go with one DB, there's no problem since you can
utilize that DB's Quirks and whatnot :). But if you try to support more
than one DB in the code, it starts to become headachable.

Also what people seldom realize is the indexes (indices?) needs to be
setup correctly, otherwise even the best of bases will perform
crappy. :) (Which I'm sure a lot of people already know.. :)

> All ive used is VB, perl, cgi, and ASP.  If you do, feel free to email it
> to me..:)
As I have decided upon MySQL, you could try looking through the
documentation at, there are some pretty nice pages that
describe howto setup connection.


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