Re: [BUFFER] Bufffer overflow

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 08/11/00

Dana Luther wrote:
> I think the point was that it is printing WAY too much stuff into that
> buffer when you try to print all the level info out like that. You need to
> break it into chunks.

Nahhh, just increase the size of MAX_STRING_LENGTH, or you can do
something more complex which allocates the memory dynamically and
reallocates to keep it from overflowing (I actually made up an entire
system around this concept so I don't have to waste memory for
everything that uses MAX_STRING_LENGTH or use cheesy workarounds like
limiting the amount of output to a command, it works pretty well I can
actually do a "rlist 0 100000" and it will page the entire thing, around
50 pages worth, to the screen properly without limiting the number of
lines and without seg faulting).

Regards, Peter

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