Re: do_gen_com problem

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/14/00

> Hi
> I am writing a mob prog to create a town cryer which will use the gossip
> channel to distribute messages submitted by players, the trouble is that
> gossip is part of gen_comm and can't be called from mob progs, does anyone
> know of a way around this. Or another message system which I could use.

        I'd just modify your gen comm to allow NPC's to use the global
channels as long as they're not charmed.  Due to related issues, I've
previously taken the merc-derived mobprog code and added a sort of
user-permission token with any command, so that if players cause a mob to
act directly (charm, switch, force) it will act without the ability to do
things like access any mobprog internals.


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