[NEWBIE][CODE] D&D 3rd Edition

From: John Bowman (nsari@geocities.com)
Date: 08/16/00

Okay having taken a long hiatus from anything mud oriented
I'm now becoming more interested in tryin to convert stock
circle into a more 3e type mud.

** Disclaimer **

Unfortunately I'm not well versed in the arts of coding.
I can do somethings mostly hacks and hand patching but
spontaneous generation of code is beyond my knowledge.

That said:

What I'm running:
I got a copy of stock circlebpl17 patched in oasis 2.0 and ascii pfiles

current goal:  (please let me know if this are even possible)

1) one feature of 3e that i really like was the ability to add a class
   or improve a class when you gained a level.

        i.e.) Level 1 Wizard Joe Adventurer just gained a level and now
                wishes to 'multiclass' and also be a level 1 Fighter.  (maybe
                have this as a 'level point' that you can go find a guildmaster
                and train in your current class or find somewhere to train and add
                a new class so you would be a level 1 fighter and a level 1 wizard.)

another thing:

        is it possible to have a whole zone to load in a semi random location after
each boot?  say i want zone 10 room 10 to either link with room 11, 200, 82,
2121, etc.

Thank you in advance and any suggestions are much appreciated

John Bowman

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