Re: [HELP]

From: Shay (
Date: 08/17/00

At 10:44 PM 8/16/2000 Wednesday, you wrote:
>That would be fine too - I just can't seem to find where the d/l is for the
>full archive - not htis piecemeal deal I'm doing.

Download the full circlebpl17 win95 version, theres one on, it has
the workspace for VC++ which is really nice.  Compile it, put it in the
/bin directory,
then from the circle home directory type "bin/circle.exe" and that will run
it just
perfectly.  No need for UNIX simulation, yuck..

You can also just get the normal circle17 and compile with BCC, gcc, or
you like, ive tried them all.  then do the same with the bin dir..


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