[CODE] Oasified version of CLANEDIT

From: Torgny Bjers (tb@sbbs.se)
Date: 08/17/00

Hello People,

How many of you are interested in an Oasified (OasisOLC 2.0) version of
Clanedit along with a WORKING clan snippet for Circle30bpl17?  Please, send
emails *directly* (Torgny Bjers, tb@sbbs.se) to me and let me know if it's
worth my time to release the thing on Ceramic Mouse or somewhere...

I am currently working on Clans, and I have gotten them to work, but I was
not pleased with the mediocre clan edit that came with the snippet so I
decided to make an Oasified version of it.  This is OasisOLC 2.0 for
everybody that wonders.  This will probably work for bpl15, but I don't see
why you would be running that old heap of junk. ;)

Also, ideas for clans as I am working would be nice, if you have ideas, feel
free to voice them and I will put in what I find interesting... :)

Kind Regards,
Torgny Bjers (Artovil, Arcane Realms)

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