Re: [CODE] Oasified version of CLANEDIT

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 08/18/00

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From: Alex Mann <>
Date: fredag, 18 augusti 2000 12:05
Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] [CODE] Oasified version of CLANEDIT

>Someone hacked my implementor password and got access to my char, they then
>advanced thier own player to imp level and caused havoc, I have managed to
>get control back and changed the passwords, but I can't use set level to
>demote thier levels, because the have imp level chars. Is there a way
>this and whats the best way to remove thier chars altogether, there doesn't
>seem to be individual pfile which can be removed. Any help in the matter

Well, you can do a 'show player' on them and just get their num in the
pfile, then hack up a function similar to the do_upme found on Ceramic Mouse
and just force-demote them that way, and also, you can set the deletable
flag on them manually in the code, and just kill them that way. ;)

There could be a way to do this to an online implementor, if there is, it's
a hole that needs to be plugged, either by restricting this to impl's with
num 1 only, or something like that...

but, take a look at the do_upme and hack something together...


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