Re: EXP. Formula

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 08/17/00

> I was wrong, I have no good formula, right now its "level * 10"

The formula I changed to was a 2 ^ (GET_LEVEL(ch) - 1 ) * 5 formula.. (Read
that two to the Level of the Character times 10 :)  )

Basicly it went like so:
Level 1: 5
Level 2: 10
Level 3: 20
Level 4: 40
Level 5: 80
Level 6: 160
Level 7: 320
Level 8: 640
Level 9: 1280
Level 10: 2560
Level 11: 5120

As you can see exp needed rises really fast with this formula and I am
working on a way of cutting it back somewhat..  All in all I think the
2^(GET_LEVEL(ch) - 1) is solid you'll just have to play with the (* 5) part
to get it to your liking (you could also take it out completely but I have
no idea what kind of effect this would have other then with thier first kill
characters would rise roughly 4 levels)...

Also my word of warning, before you put you MUD up for player testing after
changing to an EXP formula, make sure to re-balance the mobs as even with
this formula the first kill on a stock CircleMUD would lend the character 2
or 3 levels..


P.S. If anyone has a formula they want to let me know about I'm going to put
up a page/program that will show how much exp per level for a specified
number of levels depending on formula..  Damn that sounds confusing :)

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