Re: [BUILDING] Diagonal Exits

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 08/17/00

Patrick Dughi wrote:
> p.s.  Is there any good reason why the diagonal directions are not
> standard in circle?  I know it's a frill, but it seems like if someone
> doesn't want them, they just don't have to use them.  No code changes
> required, just don't make diagonal exits.  Many seem to want them though.

Well, only a guess, but I would assume (read ass-u-me) that this is
probably a throwback to DikuMUD.  Simply put, no one ever bothered.
This is understandable as diagonal exits are more difficult to implement
than it would appear at first glance, you have to deal with the
following issues (off the top of my head)...

Both ne and northeast should work not only as commands, but as args to
other commands.  That requires making changes to each command that
accepts directions as an arg and also making changes to the entire
system used for directions (note that there are many snippets and
patches that do not use the system which is in-place for directions but
simply parse out the first letter of the arg and use a switch on it).

There is also the issue of displaying exits for autoexit which simply
displays the first letter of the exit, using that method north,
northeast, and northwest would all appear to be north.  That has to be
changed to display the exit off a list of exit abbreviations.

Note that while these are not super difficult issues to overcome, they
do present a level of difficulty which may have been enough for the
developers to say, "why bother?".

Patting-myself-on-the-back section:  ;)

My directions snippet on the Ceramic Mouse site titled, "Adding exits to
bpl15 [by Peter Ajamian]" overcomes all of the above mentioned
problems.  it can be found at...

Note, this is NOT the new snippet which was posted recently, but a
slightly older one, after looking though the newer snippet I found that
the one I already posted is more complete (read addreses the above
issues) and should still work with bpl17.

Regards, Peter

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