Re: [BUILDING] Diagonal Exits

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/17/00

> Patrick Dughi wrote:
> >
> > p.s.  Is there any good reason why the diagonal directions are not
> > standard in circle?  I know it's a frill, but it seems like if someone
> > doesn't want them, they just don't have to use them.  No code changes
> > required, just don't make diagonal exits.  Many seem to want them though.

        > snipped peter's response <

        Very good points, to a new coder - or someone who wants to be one
- this may not seem like a trivial addition.

        Wouldn't that be more of a reason to put the option in there by
default then?  I personally think that the the code Peter wrote is good to
just throw in the distribution (well, sans dg script parts, etc) - it
works, it's easy, and the only thing missing is blocking things off with a
couple of #ifdef's and a define in the config.

        I'm not too worried about it myself actually though.  Just
curious.  :)

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