Re: Oasis 2.0, and the rest.

From: Mysidia (
Date: 08/18/00

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, Patrick Dughi wrote:

   Circle in general has a real nasty limitation with regards
to zones; namely.. they all hafta start at xxx00

    ie: one can't create foo.zon that has the vnum range 5555-5559
    and                   foo2.zon with vnums 5560-5590

    circle insists that the first vnum of any zone start at
    <arbitrary zone-number>*100

    It would be advantageous to replace the 'zone numbers' with 'zone
names', and have two member variables for each zone element; a start vnum
and an end vnum -- then a zone can be as small as 1 unit, so a
15-component zone doesn't have to throw away 84 vnums.

as far as oasis.. iirc it can expand the top of the zone beyond 100 nums
or reduce it to less than a hundred , but zones always have to start at
a x-hundreds number, compliments of circle in general<snick>


>         Something that bugged me for quite a while, and that I spent a
> decent amount of time correcting... Oasis (even 2.0) is still stuck in a
> 100 <object/room/mob/shop> per zone setup.  It's made worse when you
> attempt to alter stock zones - the sewer zones (zones 70-74? i think) is
> doubly confusing, since most info for zones over to the others.
>         Took me a while to adjust the systems so that I could maintain
> arbitrairy sized zones.
>         Was this just my personal experience with older Oasis's, and I'm
> confusing it with the newest version, or is this a valid complaint?
>                                 PjD

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