[OFF-TOPIC] How to get yourself off to a really bad start with a discussion list

From: Brandon Brown (BBrown@uasoft.com)
Date: 08/19/00

So, in considering an ammendum to the WTFaq, I've come up with the

How to get yourself off to a bad start in a discussion list:

 1. Brag about vague coding accomplishments, such as tinkering with
    Netscape code.
 2. Rephrase (or entirely distort) wording of certain developments
    in order to make their words seem to fit your point.
 3. Ask questions like, "When will coding.doc be finished', when
    clearly points the answer.
 4. Suggest entire redevelopment of a system that has been given
    many many man-hours.
 5. Ignore the archives and bring up exact points that have been
    discussed to no end in the past few years.


So, with that out of my system... and on the subject of the WTFaq - I
think it's time I got off my lazy ass and actually added a bunch to it.
I'm going to start going through the archives and look for constantly
repeated questions that I haven't listed - if anybody has any
suggestions for 'Way too Frequently Asked Questions', please send them
to me (private email, not on the list please). :)

 - B. Brown
   WTFaq, maintainer (if you can call it that. . .)

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