[NEWBIE??] I don't even know how to title this one...

From: Shane Lee (mudmaster@Randor.zzn.com)
Date: 08/19/00

I have several 'fun' immortal commands, and I would like to be able
to change the wording of some of them on a whim without having to re-
compile and reboot the whole MUD. Sorta like the help and action
So far, I haven't put a lot of thought into it, but I think I have a
pretty good idea on where to start, but getting the whole thing going
might be a problem.
What I figured was to add a new *.h file that points to a new text
file in the /lib/text folder. Then with the text file I could do
something like the messages file for skills/spells.
If anyone has done this before and knows where a snippet might be, or
can simply give a little advice, I would really appreciate it:-)


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