From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/20/00

> I'll move my Java books to the front of the queue and see if I can make
> something work to start with.  It'll probably be a while since I recently got
> married and don't have a whole lot of coding time.

        Congrats! Not to demean the concept of a marriage, but if I were
newlywed, I'd be doing something other than coding. Least, for a while.

        If you find a deal on shelves, tell me.  I'm running out of
real estate to pack my library in, though milk crates strapped together
with quick-ties seem to work okay.  Portable too, in a cinch.


        Bleh. I hate lex/yacc, but mostly because the resultant code is
human-unreadable, and worse, I had to do it in Scheme. Damn the purple
wizard book.

        Do we _really_ have to use them for tokenizers?  We're not
developing a whole complex scripting thing really, just a minor
tweaky-sort of thing.  Really, if anyone is going to alter the inital
file, it's because they've created a module of their own, and that means
that they probably have enough skill to manipulate a more stoodgy, fixed,
file format.  Sides, it's an easier transition from what I suspect will be
a rather non-config-file dependant first release :)

        Though, who knows.


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