Re: [NEWBIE] DG Scripts

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 08/21/00

Why not just hand-patch in the DG-scripts 7a with OLC2.0 and simply leave
out the parts that are already there, such as large portions of redit.c and
the other files, and just get the updated parts where DG-scripts come into

That's what I did, and it compiled without any serious errors, some minor,
took me a little while to fix the errors (my own typos and things I missed
when I copied stuff) but then it compiled and ran perfectly.

That's what I'd do, since the DG 7(a) patch is for circle 3.0 bpl15, you
might as well hand patch the whole thing in to be sure you get it done the
right way...

My two cents worth...

You can go to the current DG site for downloads:

Included the old site for the hell of it:


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From: Robert Tavares <>
Date: måndag, 21 augusti 2000 14:22
Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] [NEWBIE] DG Scripts

>>If the answer to my question is DG 7a without OLC, where >can
>I get it? I only found the version with OLC.
>>    Thx.
>As far as I know, no update version of the dg_scripts is available
>w/o Oasis patched onto it.
>What i did On my mud was patch in the dg_scripts 7a with the
>old version of OLC, then went in and patched the OasisOLCv2.0
>over it. But that was a utter pain in the a$$ and took me a long
>time to get a clean compile.
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