From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/21/00

> The dialogs and things like that must be semi-rigids. But the editor
> must have the option to generate XML world files, because the task
> translate a XML file to another text format is easily accomplished using
> XSL.
        Actually, the generation of the world files isn't the big issue.
We can really just strip that code right out of the oasis bits, and the
load right out of the stock db reader.  Well.. not _right_ out... after
all, we don't want to depend on the circle license exactly.  This'll be an
independantly generated piece of software.  If anyone's too lazy, I'll
just write those parts in a cleanroom atmosphere with nothing but the
memory of my world file format. :)

> (I want to participate on this. Really.)

        Everyone gets to participate! Really! We're all trying to learn
something new, so even you new guys, don't sit back and watch, find
something to do, and do it. :)

        Back to the original issue, does anyone see any problems with
keeping everything non-externally configurable, because we're giving
everyone the source code?


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